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On February 10, 2024 ten biological collections came together for the 13th annual free, in-person UC Davis Biodiversity Museum Day. On this day, the public was invited to visit the collections, where they are housed, all across the UC Davis campus. Each collection had its own open hours based on their specific staffing, so the schedule is not the same for all the collections. Parking is generally free on the weekends, but sometimes events like a Mondavi performance or a football or basketball game will mean the closest parking lots are ticketed. The Biodiversity Museum Day event map includes parking options. 

Traditionally UC Davis Biodiversity Museum Day is a free, educational event for the community where visitors get to connect with UC Davis scientists from undergraduate students to staff to emeritus professors. In 2021, we pivoted to a month-long, virtual program. In 2022, also because of COVID regulations, we held the event in the UC Davis Conference Center as an "expo." In 2023 and again this year in 2024 we continued to maintain that spirit and were excited to have the event in our near our home departments. 


What is the best way to experience Biodiversity Museum Day? We would suggest picking several collections to visit this year and then return next year to see the others. We intend for people to spend time at each collection instead of racing between them.

I have a toddler. Which collections are suitable for this age group? The Arboretum is outside and a great space for young visitors to explore. The Raptor Center is also outside and has live birds to observe. The Bohart has live insects to pet and the Botanical Conservatory has plants everywhere, but their greenhouses have narrow aisles. Holding or carrying your toddler through the greenhouses is an enjoyable way to take in that collection.    

I have a teenager. which collections are suitable for this age group? Anthropology is open into the afternoon and they have flint knapping and atl-atl throwing. The Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology is also a favorite as they deal with birds, mammals, fish and reptiles and amphibians. The Botanical Conservatory also has a great carnivorous plant collection.  

Hidden gems? This is the one day the Phaff Yeast Collection and the Nematode Collection are showcased to the general public. They also have some of the smallest, but mightiest organisms. These scientists are so enthusiastic that you will want to become a microbiologist or a nematologist. 

I will be visiting with 9 year olds to 90 year olds. Which collections are crowd pleasers? While all of them are, one can never go wrong with fossils at Paleontology and the pressed plants at the Center for Plant Diversity.

Where can we grab a bite to eat? The event map has some options for eating. The dining halls have a set fee and then it is all-you-can-eat. For your convenience there will be a few hot trucks at this event and you are welcome to bring your own food or explore Downtown Davis for other options.  



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